Franklin Hall, a.k.a. Graviton, was one of the various supervillains imprisoned at the Raft, who was trapped in a DISK by Loki and thus became part of Loki’s army. His DISK then somehow ended up in the hands of Manino Giordani.

When Manino and Tim Gilliam confronted the Avengers at a space center, where another DISK was hidden, Manino D-smashed Graviton to assist M.O.D.O.K.. With his powers, Graviton easily overpowered Iron Man, Wasp, Captain America and Thor, deflecting their attacks and incapacitating them by crushing them against the walls and floor. Graviton was finally stopped when Edward Grant (who was originally not with the team due to his self-doubts) D-Smashed Hulk. By attacking Graviton at exactly the right moment, Hulk used Graviton’s own powers against him to increase his own weight. Thus, he easily tackled the villain to the ground. This caused Graviton’s powers to go haywire and effect Tim, Manino and M.O.D.O.K. as well. Manino was forced to recall Graviton to his DISK to end the chaos.[1]

When the X-Men and the Avengers' Partners attacked Loki's Castle, Graviton was one of the villains that tried to stop them, but was defeated and secured in a DISK. After Loki's defeat, his DISK was stolen by Mystique and delivered to Red Skull, who gave Graviton more power with the Dimension Sphere and made him a member of his new team, the Masters of Evil[2].

As part of the Masters of Evil, Graviton was tasked to guard one of the 5 Gaia Anchors with which Red Skull intended to destroy the Earth. Unlike his fellow Masters of Evil, Graviton did not take any Hydra soldiers or additional super villians with him as back-up. Instead, he single handedly fought Thor, Hikaru and their squadron of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents when they came to destroy the Anchor. With his new powers, he gave the heroes quite a challenge, but with help of Hikaru and the new Build Up Armor, Thor was able to defeat Graviton. Graviton was then D-Secured by Hikaru.


Seemingly those of Franklin Hall (Earth-616)#Powers. Besides these powers, the Dimension Sphere also gave him the ability to breathe a dark energy that can temporarily render his opponents blind.[3]


Seemingly those of Franklin Hall (Earth-616)#Powers.

Strength level

Able to take on four Avengers


His arrogance and pride.

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