Franklin "Foggy" Nelson was Matt Murdock's best friend and business partner, sharing with him the Nelson & Murdock law firm. He liked his job but complained about Matt's choices such as only accepting to defend innocent people, which were almost every time poor and paid the two lawyers with anything they can afford to, thus including cheese and other food, furniture, and toys, which Foggy's office was full of. During an exclusive dinner, Foggy tried to put Nelson & Murdock in Wilson Fisk's list of lawyers, but Matt firmly refused, declaring that he would never defend guilty ones, to Foggy's disappointment.

He often took a coffee with his partner, debating on everything, from work to urban legends, which Foggy loved. Matt usually mocked his friend because of his faith in the existence of alligators in the sewers. On one occasion, Foggy tried to put mayonnaise in Matt's coffee, but eventually, the blind lawyer gave him his cup, and Foggy ends up drinking it. When Elektra Natchios was killed, Foggy proved to be sensitive to his pal's grief and tries to make him cheer up.[1]


  • Legal knowledge.

Strength level

  • Normal human male.

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