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The past history of Foggy Nelson of Earth-7848 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart until Daredevil's first encounter with the villain Electro. In this reality, that battle would end with Electro learning that Daredevil was blind and leaking the information to the media.

After an attack on the law office of Nelson & Murdock by the Owl, Karen Page would realize that Murdock and Daredevil were the same person. Foggy would walk in on them kissing and would be crushed by this sight, realizing that what little chance he had competing with Matt Murdock for Karen's love was blown completely out of the water when up against a super-hero like Daredevil.

As Karen would push Matt to travel to the country of Lichtenbad to seek the Dr. Van Eyck surgical cure for blindness, their growing relationship would alienate Foggy further as both his partner and his secretary would disappear to discuss private matters regarding Matt's double life.

Ultimately, Murdock would lose his super-human abilities, and regain his sight, and at a public press conference he would reveal his double identity, telling the gathered press that he intended to retire from his costumed identity and run for District Attorney of New York City. With Murdock's vote, and his impending marriage to Karen Page, Foggy would be further crushed and not follow his own ambition to be the D.A. deciding to support his friend all the way, hoping that he and Karen can be happy together.[citation needed]

Foggy's current activities are unknown.

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Seemingly those of the Foggy Nelson of Earth-616.

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