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In the alternate future known as MC2, Foggy Nelson married Liz Allan and is the stepfather to Norman "Normie" Osborn. He had outlived Murdock, who has been murdered (though his soul lives on in Darkdevil). At one point, Foggy was shown to be acting as counsel to Wilson Fisk, but he quit as Fisk's attorney when he learned that Fisk was responsible for Murdock's death.[citation needed]

Foggy also outlived Liz. After his wife's death, he buried himself in his work, and he blamed himself when Normie went temporarily insane, taking the mantle of the Green Goblin again. After Normie reformed, the two finally bond.[citation needed]

When Normie got engaged to the former supervillain Raptor, Foggy did not really approve — and Foggy again felt guilty when Normie was once again temporarily transformed into a supervillain.

Darkdevil worked as an intern at Nelson's law firm and gave legal advice to Normie and Raptor. Foggy was unaware of Darkdevil's ties to Murdock and Spider-Man, though Normie had noticed Reilly Tyne's resemblance to Peter Parker.[citation needed]





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