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Franklin Richards' history is presumably similar to his Earth-616 counterpart's.

While their parents and the rest of the Fantastic Four went with the Avengers and the X-Men to investigate the corpse of Galactus, Franklin and his sister Valeria were watched over by Spider-Man.[1]

When Earth was invaded by intelligent zombies called the Respawned, New York City became one of their targets. Franklin and Valeria fled with Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson in a Fantasti-Car, but it was knocked out of the air by a zombified Vulture and Human Torch. Mary Jane was nowhere to be found, but Franklin, Valeria, and Spider-Man were able to survive the crash. Then Franklin and Valeria were captured by the zombified Fantastic Four with plans to zombify them. Invisible Woman bit Franklin, but before she could bite Valeria, Spider-Man rescued the children and fled.[2]

Franklin's new body

Spider-Man took the children to a safehouse being used by several heroes and villains and asked for them to help Franklin. Doctor Strange told Spider-Man that there was nothing that could be done. When Spider-Man became irate, Warlock offered to help with Doctor Strange's help. Warlock created a new body for Franklin made of techno-organic material, and Strange transferred Franklin's consciousness into the new body. Because Franklin was unconscious the whole time, he didn't know about his new body, and Spider-Man chose to keep it secret as not to traumatize him any further.[3]

Eventually, the Respawned wiped out nearly all of humankind, leaving the world overrun with zombies. Years later, Franklin, Valeria, and Spider-Man fought to survive with the Flerken Chewie, the former villain Moonstone, and former X-Man Forge. Spider-Man also reprogrammed a Sentinel later named Nana to watch over Franklin and Valeria. While Franklin liked Nana, Valeria didn't. Because of his techno-organic body, Franklin didn't grow or age and no longer had the powers he had as a mutant.

After fending of a horde of zombies, Franklin and his group went to the abandoned Xavier Mansion for supplies, leading to a confrontation with a zombified Beast. Beast killed Forge but was then decapitated by Spider-Man with piano wall. Despite that, Beast was alive. Franklin took the opportunity to ask Beast where his parents were because he was a member of the expedition to Galactus' corpse. Beast answered that Franklin's parents were with the "Galactus Hive", the Respawned's hive mind, and were waiting for him before being incinerated by Moonstone. When Franklin and Valeria began discussing searching for their parents to cure them, Moonstone decided to leave the group while Spider-Man tried to convince the pair to give up on the idea. However, Franklin and Valeria went off on their own to look for their parents but were knocked unconscious by a zombified Moonstone. They were found by Spider-Man, but he was attacked by Moonstone. Before Moonstone could bite Spider-Man, she was killed by Blade the Vampire Hunter who overheard Franklin and Valeria talking about finding the Respawned's hive mind and asked to join them.[4]

Spider-Man decided to help Franklin and Valeria search for the hive mind since they were determined to do so. While Franklin and his group were riding on Nana over the Phalanx Wall, they were attacked by zombified members of Alpha Flight, and Nana was knocked out the air, forcing it to crash. After being attacked by a horde of zombies, they were rescued by the Ennows, a community of robots and cyborgs that lived within the Phalanx Wall. Franklin and his group were taken into Ennow custody and planned to turn into techno-organic beings via the Transmode Virus. This was stopped when a group of zombies successfully broke through the Phalanx Wall, and Franklin and his group were able to escape.[5]

Franklin and his group tracked the hive mind to the underwater city of Atlantis. They were attacked by a horde of zombified Atlanteans. They then entered Atlantis through an elevator shaft. While searching the city, Franklin asked Spider-Man if they were going to die when they find the hive mind, why did his powers vanish, and why didn't age. Spider-Man answered that he wasn't of the outcome when the hive mind was found. He also chose not tell Franklin about his techno-organic body and could only answer that Franklin was hurt badly and he had made sure to make Franklin is alright, but Spider-Man reassures Franklin that he was "still you."

After searching Atlantis, they found Wolverine who was believed to have died. While Spider-Man freed Wolverine, Wolverine warned that he and the others had fallen into a trap. Then a zombified Magik appeared and transported everyone to Limbo where the Respawned had moved so they could launch attacks upon the Multiverse.[6]

Invisible Woman attempted to zombify Franklin but discovered he had a techno-organic body that was immune to zombification. Franklin was shocked to discover about his new body with Spider-Man explaining what happened years ago and apologizing for keeping it a secret from him. Now realizing that their parents were beyond rescue, Franklin and Valeria were motivated in stopping the Respawned. Franklin took up Magik's Soulsword after she was killed by Wolverine. After he and the others reached the corpse of Galactus, which contained the Respawned's hive mind, Valeria was attacked by a zombified Silver Surfer. Tired of the Respawned's devastation, Franklin sliced Surfer in half, allowing Valeria to destroyed Galactus' corpse and the Respawned's hive mind. Franklin used the Soulsword to transport himself and the others to safety.

A month later, Franklin and the others stayed at the Xavier Mansion. While there, Franklin was taught swordplay by Blade. Franklin secretly kept Silver Surfer's head and interrogated him, telling him that he had read through Professor X's books about the Brood, the race of aliens that created the Respawned, and learned that Brood colonies always had a queen. Figuring the Respawned also a queen, Franklin asked Surfer where the queen. The Surfer answered that the queen was far from Franklin's reach but that she knew what he and his allies had done and that Franklin would meet her soon enough.[3]

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Seemingly those of the Warlock of Earth-616.


Training in swordplay by Blade[3]




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