Quote1 You never embraced the full power of the Phoenix, Jean Grey. You don't deserve it. Quote2
-- Franklin Richards src

Early Years

Franklin Richards is the son of Reed Richards and Sue Storm. At some point in time he inherited the Phoenix Force, presumably when Jean Grey was tortured and killed in the N-Zone Facility.

The X-Men

Franklin joined the X-Men, to aid in the rebellion against the Fantastic Four and the Sentinels. They managed to jump 20 years into the past in an attempt to kill Reed Richards to prevent the horrors of their timeline from happening.

He later betrayed the X-Men, absorbing the Phoenix Force from the Jean Grey of the past. He was then subdued when the Reed of the past used his "Tiny Promise" device to remove both his son and his mother, Sue Storm's, powers. The Phoenix Force was then returned to Jean Grey of the past.


Seemingly those of Phoenix Force of Earth-616. Formerly those of the Phoenix Force of Earth-1610.

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