Franklin was a member of the Fantastic Five under the name of Psi-Lord. Following a battle against Hyperstorm his powers were reduced to only telekinesis.[2] He had a friendly relationship with Spider-Girl. They were mutually attracted to each other until her father, Spider-Man, pointed out that she was only 15 at the time, several years younger than Franklin.

After that, their relationship became platonic. It was revealed that Franklin recommended Kate Power to help the Avengers find the powerless Thunderstrike.[3] Later in order to fight the threat of Doctor Doom he underwent a huge increase in his powers, triggered by Cosmic Ray exposure that left him radioactive and with his blazing skull shining through his face, this also forced him to wear a containment helmet at all times.

Franklin without his helmet

Powers and Abilities


Immense telepathic and telekinetic powers due to an additional dose of cosmic radiation.


None known

Physical Strength

Normal human male


None known



Containment helm to shield others of his radioactive head and contain his powers.

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