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Franklin Storm was a scientist who devoted his life towards the establishment of the Baxter Building think tank in Manhattan. He was married to scientist Mary Storm and the father of Susan and Johnny Storm.

At a later point during his children's younger ages, Franklin divorced his wife as she left her family on her scientific foray to discover Atlantis. He lied about this fact to his children, explaining that she died in an accident.[1] Since the Fantastic Four was formed, Franklin often supported the team's adventures as their mentor and scientific advisor.

At times, his relationship with his children become strained due to his instincts to protect them from their misadventures. This continued even after his wife returned to his family's life.

Franklin Storm was killed when Magneto's "Ultimatum Wave" struck New York City, killing thousands of people.[2][3] Shortly before his death, Franklin was having an argument with his son concerning over Johnny's laid back life in contrasting to his hard working sister. He urged his son to become more helpful in life.[2][4]

Once the Ultimatum Wave hit the Baxter Building, both son and father were swept into the water. Franklin made an unselfish self-sacrifice in pushing Johnny away. As a result Franklin drowned while Johnny survived. Franklin's death was greatly grieved by his son, which resulted in a state of shock before seeking solace with Peter Parker's family.[4]

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