Dr. Franklin Storm is the father of Susan Storm Richards and Johnny Storm, both of whom are part of the Fantastic Four.

During the time when his son was very young, Dr. Storm had recently lost his wife in a car accident and blamed himself for his wife's death. To alleviate his loss, he gambled at several casinos, but ended up losing everything.

The tragic event that would change the lives of the Storm family forever involved Dr. Storm's problems with a local loan shark who threatened the lives of him and his children if he did not pay his debts, and soon. When told by Dr. Storm that this was impossible, the loan shark drew a gun from his jacket and tried to shoot him, but resistance from Dr. Storm had caused the gun to backfire and kill the gunman instantly.

Because no one knew the truth behind this event, Dr. Storm was listed as a wanted man for murder, on the run from the law. Over the years, Johnny believed that his father was dead, because a phone call from him asked Sue to keep his events concerning the loan shark secret.

Years passed, and Dr. Storm eventually found himself in a rundown hotel back in New York, where he learned that his daughter, Sue, was hospitalized after being critically injured in a battle against the Skrulls. Doctors at St. Joseph Hospital knew that only he was capable of performing an operation that would save his daughter's life, and when he surprised everyone—especially Johnny—by arriving to see his daughter, the doctors prepped Sue for surgery. However, immediately after he had finished, expecting a full recovery from his daughter, Dr. Storm was arrested by the police, which stunned Johnny, The Thing, and Reed Richards.

While spending the night in a holding cell, Franklin Storm received an unexpected visit from the Skrulls in the form of Super-Skrull, who had been blasted free from the sealed volcano where he was imprisoned by the Fantastic Four at the end of his first battle. Under the orders of the warlord Morrat, Super-Skrull had taken Dr. Storm's likeness, sent the real doctor to the Skrull Galaxy, and replaced him. The following day, "Dr. Storm" was visited by Sue and Johnny, who informed him that Matt Murdock would be representing him at his hearing. A few moments later, "Dr. Storm" attacked the prison guards and escaped from the complex, taking on the identity of The Invincible Man.

Unable to subdue The Invincible Man peacefully, Reed Richards resorted to attacking him, but was impeded by Sue when she used her invisible force field to shield "Dr. Storm" from her husband's attack. On that note, Super-Skrull realized that his plan of "Divide and Conquer" was working, and addressed Sue as "Daughter" before escaping. However, Reed had discovered that "Dr. Storm" was able to duplicate all the powers of the Fantastic Four and blocked Super-Skrull's power source, causing him to lose his disguise.

Morrat later decided that the Fantastic Four needed to be destroyed, whatever the cost. After transporting Super-Skrull back to the Skrull Galaxy, he equipped the real Dr. Storm with a concussive energy beam designed to activate upon seeing the Fantastic Four, and then teleported him into their midst. However, as soon as Dr. Storm was beamed back to Earth, he rolled onto his stomach, taking the full force of the concussive blow and dying moments later.[1]


Seemingly those of Franklin Storm (Earth-616)#Abilities.

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