Nothing is known of the past of the mutant twins Hans and Franz, save that at some point they became bodyguards for Helena Carlson, the corrupt CEO of the DermaFree Corporation, who used mutants as test subjects, often fatally, for her products.

When Mystique was sent by Professor X to investigate Carlson's wrongdoing, Hans and Franz ambushed her after she broke into Carlson's office. Mystique fought the pair, and they fell several stories into the DermaFree building's lobby, before she ultimately disabled them with kicks to the groin.[1]

After Mystique freed DermaFree's test subjects from the company's laboratory in Salzburg, Austria, the twins were sent after Mystique again, this time being dropped out of a plane to impede Mystique's getaway car. Another fight ensued, one that ended with Mystique giving one of the brothers' brains a lethal jolt with the electrified PDA she had received from Forge. The psychic backlash through their group mind then killed the other brother.

Carlson later recovered their bodies.[2]


Franz had enhanced strength, reflexes, and durability sufficient to survive long falls unharmed. He and Hans also demonstrated a group mind with each other. It is unknown what if any advantages this provided, but it meant that any attack on the mind of one caused harm to the other, as well.


Hans and Franz appeared extremely unintelligent, though whether this was due to experimentation by DermaFree, their group mind, or something else remains unrevealed.

The above image depicts both Hans and Franz; as they are identical twins and never addressed separately, it is unclear which is which. It is also never made clear if Hans and Franz are their real names or simply derisive nicknames likely based on the Saturday Night Live sketch "Pump It Up with Hans and Franz."

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