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Dr. Franz Neunmensch

Dr. Franz Neunmensch was a doctor and scientist who was active in the 1940s. He was a professor of physiology and anatomy at the University of Wien in Vienna, Austria. However, at some point, he retired and immigrated to the United States and began his research in rejuvenating the elderly. He succeeded in creating a serum that could reverse his age to that of a young man, however the effects proved only temporary and eventually he would revert back to his natural age.

Seeking a means to get the money he needed to continue his experiments, he used his youthful appearance to become a criminal who became known as the Cherub due to his youth. As the Cherub, Neunmensch would target wealthy individuals, killing them in his robberies. He then left his calling card: a photograph of himself an then would tip off the police to his latest crimes. By the time the authorities arrived on the scene, the serum had worn off and Neunmensch would revert back to his natural age to avoid suspicion.

This succeeded until the day that Miss America joined the investigation. Attacked by Franz's chauffeur before entering the apartment of the Cherub's latest victim, she caught Franz just as he was leaving the building. In order to cover for his presence there, Franz told Miss America and the authorities that he had received a call from someone at that address asking for a doctor's aid. While the police were forced to let Franz go due to lack of evidence, the encounter prompted Miss America to investigate his background.

Franz then decided to throw off the authorities by lighting his home on fire, and as the Cherub, call the police and inform them that he eliminated his "minion" Dr. Neunmensch. Miss America, suspecting something more to this situation, followed Franz's chauffeur to another location and soon came upon the truth when confronting the Cherub in his lab. Knocked out, Miss America was almost subjected to an injection of the Cherub's de-aging formula. However, she would break free, and instead of facing arrest, the Cherub then let his chemicals on fire hoping to kill himself and Miss America in the process. However, Miss America flew to safety while the resulting chemical explosion apparently killed Neunmensch.[1]


The Cherub had invented a formula that could reverse the aging process, regressing an old mans age to that of a youth in his early 20s. The effects of this formula only lasted a short period of time, the exact length of which is unspecified. When the formula wore off, the person subjected to it would revert back to their natural age.


The Cherub carried a pistol.

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