Franz Papp was a member of the Nazis during World War II. He was a spy who in the summer of 1943 managed to steal a number of secret plans for a Nazi U-Boat formation, which was planned to attack a Russian convoy which he had to communicate to his superiors. To this end, he had the plans tattooed on his skin with a special ink that could only be revealed when doused in a special fluid. While rushing these plans to his cohorts, he was gunned down in a raid by the FBI with the aid of the Human Torch and Toro.

Even in death, his body was still of use, and when the FBI, Torch, and Toro were unable to find the plans, they had his body buried in Mount Everett Cemetery, the secret location where American authorities had Nazi spies buried until the war's end. However, Franz's leader Von Greizer learned the location of Papp's body and had it stolen. Ultimately however, the Human Torch and Toro caught up to Von Greizer and his men and captured them. With the revealed plans, they were able to warn the Russian convoy and have the Nazi U-Boat fleet destroyed.[1]

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