Banished from his home country for illegal scientific experiments, Franz Radzik went to Transylvania where he completed a machine which could exchange the minds of living beings. He first tested the beam by transferring his mind with that of a kitten before reversing it back. He then had the idea of using the body of a powerful adult gorilla in order to commit crimes. He stole a gorilla from the zoo and exchanged minds with it. He had not anticipated, however, that a gorilla is only one step below humanity on the evolutionary scale. The gorilla was therefore able to use Radzik's body and pointed a gun at him. He told Radzik that he had no intensions of returning to his original body and intended to use his human form for more good than Radzik ever had. The Radzik gorilla was then returned to the zoo. [1]

Later, the Radzik gorilla managed to escape from the zoo and was discovered by scientists and brought to the Academy of Science. Radzik demonstrated his intellect to the scientists, though he was unable to write to them as the result of an injury to his hands caused by an electric fence. The scientists, however, did not realize Radzik's true condition and just assumed him to be an unusually intelligent gorilla. As such, they decided to use him in an experiment to test the effects of space on a man's brain, rather than use a human test subject. Radzik's ultimate fate remains unrevealed.[2]


The Gorilla-Man possessed the strength, agility and reflexes of an adult gorilla.


The Gorilla-Man was unable to speak. Due to injuring his hands on an electric fence, he was unable to write.

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