Freakmaster's parents were freakshow attractions at the Quentin Carnival. Ralph Quentin, the owner of the carnival, abused them and inadvertently caused their deaths. Vowing revenge, Freakmaster went out into the world and somehow becoming vastly wealthy. Freakmaster lived on a remote tropical island which he populated with both natural born freaks and those he created.[1]

He sent his employee Mr. Renaldo to the Quentin Carnival to procure the freak known as Jeremy. Johnny Blaze who was working at the carnival at the time tried to stop him, but then Renaldo unleashed a group of freaks against him, and Johnny was forced to become Ghost Rider to fight them. During the battle, Jeremy came forth saying that he would rather go with Renaldo then stay at the carnival.[2]

Later, the Freakmaster sent Steel Wind to the carnival. Years earlier, she had washed up on shore of his island following a boating accident, and he had replaced her broken limbs with mechanical ones. She tried out for the job of stunt cyclist, beating Blaze in a contest by cheating. After causing some trouble, it was discovered that she had put other carnivals out of business, and she was run out of the carnival.[3]

Renaldo kidnapped a psychic calling himself the Great Vincenzo from the carnival and through various surgeries gave him telepathic powers. Renaldo then forced him to put images in Blaze's mind that lured him into a trap. Renaldo, using a gang of freaks, managed to capture Blaze and intended to turn him into a cyborg attached to his motorcycle, but Blaze managed to escape. For his failure, the Freakmaster turned Renaldo into the "Human Pincushion".[1]

The Freakmaster then went to the Quentin Carnival himself, claiming to be a philanthropist and that Renaldo and Steel Wind had acted without his knowledge. In truth, he planned to blackmail Ralph Quentin with his knowledge about his parents' death in order to gain control of the carnival. He then planned to turn all the members of the carnival into freaks. Blaze learned of this and as the Ghost Rider was able to drive off the Freakmaster and his men.[1] What became of Freakmaster afterward is unrevealed.

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