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Freddie Prinze Jr. was a Hollywood actor. Betty Ross, Director of Communications and Public Relations Officer of the super-team Ultimates, had dinner with Prinze in an attempt to have him portray Iron Man in a trilogy of movies about Ultimates. While Ross and Prinze were having dinner together, she was phoned by her ex-boyfriend, Dr. Bruce Banner, to tell her that he was to turn into the Hulk. In a fit of jealousy, the Hulk attacked the restaurant and caused several victims and collateral damage. Prinze and Ross escaped the restaurant, then they were evacuated by airborne military to be used as bait for Hulk and lead him away from more populated areas and defeat him without further damage. Hulk insistently begged Ross to not leave Banner for Prinze, then was defeated by the Wasp.[2] After the disaster, Ross admitted that she was flirting with Prinze, and that may have contributed to Hulk's rampage.[3]

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Prinze was a successful Hollywood actor.


During his first appearances in Ultimates #4 and #5, his face was either hidden or shown from afar in little detail. His hair was seen as blond, not black.


  • An alternate universe version of the real life actor of the same name.

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