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Freddy Durnin was the owner of a warehouse where Muse placed a mural made with the blood of over a hundred missing people. After the FBI and the NYPD processed the crime scene, Durnin decided to open an exhibit and charge people admission to see such aberrant work of art.

When he was consulting with Professor Cassius Grover the value of the painting, Durnin was approached by Andrea Pearson, a councilwoman of the city, whose niece had been one of the "donors" of the mural. She tried to convince Durnin to refrain from profiting from it, on behalf of the hundred of families struck by the mystery surrounding the painting's origins. However, Durnin refused.

The following night when he was about to open the warehouse to an extensive queue, Durnin was approached by two police officers with a court order that prevented them from opening the exhibit for the time being. When Freddy and his son Patrick entered the warehouse, they found that the mural had been defaced by Muse, and most of it had been replaced by the words, "You're only as good as your last performance" followed by an adress that pointed to the location of a new gruesome display.[1]

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