Mr. Big was a mobster and the head of Wilson Fisk's Enforcers. He wore a business suit and a fedora hat which overshadowed his eyes. Foswell was scheming to overthrow Fisk, who he believed wasn't a true mobster who didn't want his "hand's dirty", by using Spider-Man as his secret weapon. The plan backfired and Fisk learned that Foswell was the one responsible for Spider-Man's assault on his office.

Foswell was later summoned by Fisk and learned from him of Spider-Man's defeat by him and Electro when his employer showed him Spider-Man's mask. Foswell was casually impressed but boldly ridiculed Fisk, showing his personal dislike of the Kingpin. Fisk was amused with Foswell's "stand" and ordered the Enforcers to turn on their leader. While Ox and Montana held Foswell, Kingpin placed Spider-Man's mask on Foswell and crushed the mobster's head with his bare hands.

Foswell's corpse, which was still wearing the mask, was dumped into New York City's East River. Though, his death was videotaped from the Kingpin's office and the filmed discs were ultimately retrieved by Spider-Man and sent to Ben Urich, and was then used for a Daily Bugle exclusive.

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