Frederick Foswell is a reporter that works for the Daily Bugle. Twelve years ago, he won a Pulitzer prize for writing an exposé on the criminal activities of the crimelord Silvermane, which finally puts him in prison

At the Bugle office, Foswell is asked by Peter Parker about the Big Man. The only other related name Parker knew was "Lincoln," and Foswell tells him about rumor about L. Thompson Lincoln being the Big Man of crime, though Foswell admits that his investigations have all led to a dead end.

Frederick Foswell's "Patch" persona is used in his investigations and is asked by Spider-Man about the Master Planner. Foswell later uses the "Patch" identity to find information about an auction between the factions of the Big Man, Dr. Octopus, Silvermane, and Roderick Kingsley by posing as the representative of another interested party.

Foswell then bugs Donald Menken who is the auctioneer of the Rhino Armor, and combined with Peter Parker's photos of the event, they convince Jameson to run a story about the gang war. Foswell is later working undercover as "Patch" in during the events on Valentine's Day and writes an article exposing Tombstone as the Big Man.[citation needed]

Frederick Foswell is a minor character in The Spectacular Spider-Man voiced by James Arnold Taylor. His 616 counterpart was known as the Big Man.

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