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Ferederick Foswell (Earth-616) from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Spider-Man 2005 Vol 1 1 0002

Frederick Foswell

The Enforcers[]

Frederick Foswell was a reporter for the Daily Bugle and secretly led a criminal life as the crime boss Big Man.

He also employed the Enforcers as his muscle. He was eventually caught and had his crime spree put to a halt after having been defeated by Spider-Man,[2] but after serving some time he seemingly reformed and got his job back at the Bugle.[3]

Patch and Death[]

During his second stint at the Bugle he assumed another secret identity, Patch, as an underworld informant.[1] In this guise he secretly followed Peter Parker to see how he got exclusive photos of Spider-Man. He almost found out the secret identity of Spider-Man but was put off the trail when Spider-Man as Parker set up a Spider-Man dummy to swing away while Patch was watching. Later, he helped aid the defeat of the Crime Master. Although it seemed as if he had reformed, he secretly wanted to take over the criminal underworld from the Kingpin. He became the Kingpin's second lieutenant, but when J. Jonah Jameson's life was threatened, he took a bullet and died saving Jameson's life.[4]

Dead No More[]

More than a decade later, the Jackal brought him and numerous other Spider-Man villains back to life.[5] Big Man later died from clone degeneration.[6]


Power Grid[9]
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  • Journalism: Big Man was a superb reported with excellent organizational skills.[7]
  • Disguise: Big Man was adept at disguise.[7]
  • Marksmanship: Big Man was an excellent marksman.[7]



He wore costumes and masks when he was the Big Man and Patch.


Carried handguns.

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