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Fredric Woolrich, as Blockbuster, was hired to burn down some apartment buildings. Captain America arrived and helped rescue several people before succumbing to smoke inhilation. He was rescued by the NYFD but at the cost of one of the firefighters. Woolrich obtained a battlesuit from Justin Hammer, assuming Cap would eventually track him down. He continued on his arson spree and eventually met with Cap and the pair fought. Blockbuster was initally victorious until Cap destroyed the suits battery and breathing unit. He pulled himself out of his inert suit and tried to shoot Cap, but was stopped by Mike Farrell weilding a fire hose. He was arrested and turned his employers into the police as well.[2]

Once out of prison, he resurfaced as Heat-Ray but was stopped by Blue Marvel who tried to execute him with a guillotine but was was saved by Captain Marvel.[3]

Heat-Ray then joined the Fangs and helped rescue Viper from Iron Monger. They were also dispatched to confront Captain America and Silver Surfer but Heat-Ray was quickly subdued.[4]

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Physical Strength

Heat-Ray possesses normal human strength when not wearing his armored battlesuit. When wearing his battlesuit, his strength is boosted, enabling him to lift around 10 tons.



Heat-Ray wears an armored battlesuit designed by Justin Hammer that enables him to shoot flames and force blasts, boosts his strength to superhuman levels, and offers him a high degree of protection from injury and from his own flames.

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