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  • Overdrive's Car

Synopsis for "Swing Shift"

Peter is on his way to his Aunt May's birthday, bringing a lemon cake when, out of no where, BAM! A car speeds through the crowded alley and Peter thinks, "Hmmmm, I don't wanna go after him, let some other superhero go after him. Ah who cares that guy might hurt some one." So Peter puts a tracer on the vehicle, does a slight costume change, and starts swinging after him. In the car is Overdrive, a typical New Yorker talking with his boss who is later found out to be Mr. Negative. Meanwhile, in a nearby bar, "Bookie" is making a bundle taking bets on who will win, Spidey or Overdrive. Spidey wins with the help of Officers Alan O'Neil and Vincent Gonzales, but is unable to attend Aunt May's birthday due to using his webbing to secure Aunt May's cake and having to wait an hour for it to dissolve.

Solicit Synopsis

Art by Cover by Fan-favorite writer Dan (AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE; SHE HULK) Slott and Superstar Artist Phil (NEW X-MEN; Infinite Crisis) Jimenez bring you a brand new tale of danger and intrigue starring your favorite web-slinger...a tale that may just come back to haunt Spidey in the coming months.

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