Quote1 The weather's always killed people. I just figured out how to make it kill whomever I wanted. Quote2
-- Iron Man

Appearing in "Fair Weather"

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Other Characters:

  • Luna City residents




Synopsis for "Fair Weather"

When several natural disasters and storms occur across the globe, the mighty Thor is left bewildered on why these storms refuse to yield to to his command when he tries to stop them. In search of answers, he goes out to find Tony Stark, a.k.a Iron Man. Upon finding Tony, it is revealed that these storms are being caused by an unstable device made by Stark Industries from back when Tony used to make weapons. The device's function was to turn the weather into a weapon and was locked away with other dangerous technology to keep the from falling into the wrong hands once Tony Stark had a change of heart and shut down all weapons production done by his company. This weather machine is currently being used by the residents of a colony on the Moon to create a breathable atmosphere on the Lunar surface. Unfortunately, the weather machine's actions on the Moon are causing a devastating effect on the Earth. It's now up to Iron Man and Thor to save the world from these cataclysmic events.


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