Free Mutants

Free Mutants
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Free Mutants
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Formerly mobile across the globe
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Formerly Bishop
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A group of mutants offering refuse and safety to those in need
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The Free Mutants were a global network of mutant resistance founded by Lucas Bishop in 2018 in response to increased attacks on mutants by Trask Industries and their Sentinels MK X, machines created explicitly for the purpose of hunting down and killing mutants.[1] By 2023, their membership had dwindled down to only a handful of members, only managing to "survive" Sentinel attacks by Kitty Pryde sending Bishop's mind briefly into the past and warn the Free Mutants of the incoming attack early enough for there to be enough time to escape.

After escaping an attack in Moscow, the Free Mutants met with the surviving members of the X-Men in China to discuss a new plan to defeat the Sentinels. Kitty would use her abilities to send Wolverine's mind back to 1973 and prevent Mystique from assassinating Bolivar Trask, the event that lead to the creation of the Sentinel program. Not too long after Wolverine's mind was sent back in time, the Sentinels found their location and attacked. The following fight claimed the lives of all the remaining Free Mutants except for Kitty as well as the X-Men Storm and Magneto. Just as the Sentinels were about to destroy the remaining mutants, Wolverine finished his mission in the past, erasing the current timeline from existence.[2]

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