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The past history of Freedom Force of Earth-21993 mostly mirrors that of their Earth-616 counterpart. In this reality Charles Xavier would be assassinated by Cable leading to widespread human/mutant violence.

When anti-mutant hysteria reached an all time high following Xavier's death, the Freedom Force would be called in to separate an angry mob from the Morlocks and force the latter back underground. Of the members of Freedom Force present would be Blob, Avalanche and Spiral.[2]

When Magneto would amass a mutant army to take over the United States, Blob and Avalanche would join his ranks. They would aid Magneto in taking over Washington D.C. and occupying the Capital Building. When Magneto would inadvertently detonate a nuclear warhead hidden in a Sentinel robot, both Blob and Avalanche would be killed in the blast.[3] The fate of Spiral remains unrevealed. Additionally, Avalanche mentioned working with Mystique, suggesting that she was a member of the Freedom Force, but she was not present in any of the events that unfolded on Earth-21993.

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