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The Freelancers were a group of superpowered security contractors hired by Roxxon to shut down the protesters at the Angeles National Forest that opposed the company's intention to build a pipeline that connected their West Coast headquarters to a new deep-water drilling platform off the coast.

As they prepared to escalate the rally and blame it on the activists, the Freelancers were confronted by the Champions. The Champions were distracted by the Freelancer's niceties, and were caught off guard when Cursed Cass set off an explosive. While most of the Freelancers confronted the Champions, Panic induced fear on the protesters and Hotness slipped away to cause a forest fire. Panic was knocked down by Viv, and Cursed Cass was knocked far away by Hulk.

The confrontation between the Freelancers and the Champions was abruptly interrupted when two monsters originating from the Leviathon Tide landed on the forest, knocking down Hotness in the process, and prompting both teams to work together to stop the creatures. Might and Crush proved essential to defeat a molten creature. The Freelancers remained behind while the Champions hurried to subdue a monster that had landed on the coast, which coincidentally destroyed the drilling platform the pipeline was going to be used for, potentially leaving the Freelancers without a paycheck.[1]

The Freelancers were later hired for other jobs, including disrupting a wage protest in Durham, North Carolina and displacing homeless people from a tent city in Los Angeles, California. The Freelancers invited two of the homeless people they displaced to their compound, and manipulated them into fighting each other, later using Panic's powers to have them tell the authorities that the Champions had assaulted them.[2]

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