The Spineless Ones from Mojoworld in a pocket dimension dubbed the Mojoverse. The race were slowly driven insane by waves of energy ("Television Signals") from another space/time continuum somehow scattered throughout their timeline. The were bombarded with images of strange "Demon" like creatures.[1]

When their technology advanced far enough they demanded a race of slaves to do all the tasks they could not or would not do. Arize created the slaves, humanoid beings, using genetic engineering and basing their appearance on the "demons" of the Spineless Ones' nightmares. Unknown to the Spineless Ones, Arize secretly planted the seeds in their genetic make-up to eventually turn on their masters and rule Mojo-world justly. Arize was banished by the Spineless Ones when he refused to build weapons for them.[2]


Type of Government: Slaves
Level of Technology: Advanced
Cultural Traits: Rebellious spirit
Representatives: Longshot, Quark, Shatterstar

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