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In a possible future, the Martian Masters invaded the Earth, and Wakanda became the last stronghold of humanity. The Freemen were a gladiatorial duo of slaves that managed to escape from captivity, Erik Killraven and M'Bakshulla the White. Fueled by resentment towards Wakanda because he and his mother had fallen victims to the Martians after being exiled, Killraven sought the Time Diamonds and used them to travel back in time. He intended to destabilize Wakanda so that it would fall to the Martians like the rest of the world when the invaders came.

During their first attack, Killraven and M'Bakshulla destroyed the garden of the Heart-Shaped Herb and killed King T'Chaka, the Black Panther. Without the Heart-Shaped Herb there could be no Black Panther, and the nation was thrown into disarray. The Freemen escaped to the outskirts of Wakanda, but they were tracked down by the returned prince T'Challa, who became possessed by Zarathos and killed M'Bakshulla,[1] leaving Killraven alone to carry his plan to debilitate Wakanda, though he would ultimately fail and be killed by the Ghost Panther.[2]

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