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The French Empire was a worldwide system of dependencies under the sovereignty of the crown of France. It began in France followed by the conquest over the rest of the Europe. The empire's capital was in Paris. At its height in the late 19th and early 20th centuries it was one of the largest empire in history. Trade ties with nations outside of its sovereignty reinforced its global dominance.

Early Years

The French Empire constituted the overseas colonies, protectorates and mandate territories that came under French rule from the 16th century onward.[1]

17th Century

In 1627 A.D. French rename the region North America "New France" as part French Empire.[1]

18th Century

In the early 1700's, the French sorcerer Mauvais arrived in Canada in search of the Wendigo to gain its powers. He was stopped by the combined efforts of the Gods of the North and the Sorcerer Supreme of the day. He was locked immobile. As Canada was French territory at the time, he was imprisoned in a renowned French prison known as the La prison de la Morte.[2]

In 1756 A.D., Seven Years' War begins, between New France and the British colonies. After early French successes, the settlement of Quebec falls in 1759 and the British advance on Montreal.[1]

In 1798, Napoléon Bonaparte's took his armies on a campaign into the Ottoman territories of Egypt and Syria [3]

First Empire (1804–1814)

19th Century

Napoleonic Wars

The First Colonial Empire was formed by Napoléon Bonaparte. He led his country in the conquest of much of Europe,[4] including Belgium, only a few years after their independence in 1789 (who had been inspired by the French Revolution).[5]

Time Crisis

Napoleon and more than one hundred of his soldiers suddenly were taken from their time and transported to Dodge City in 1871. Eventually, the heroes managed to solve the time-crisis. Napoleon and all of his men returned home.[6]

The first empire lasted until 1814.[1]

Second Empire (1830-1962)

France returned to be a monarchy.[4] and the The Second Colonial Empire was formed with the conquest of Algiers, Algeria in 1830.[7]

The Empire moved into Asia conquering the regions that would one day be known as Cambodia[8], Laos and Vietnam[9] and administered by France from 1863 to 1953.[8]

Sin-Cong was founded as a French protectorate in the 1850's and remained under French supervision for decades. Government officials such as Armand Duquesne abused their social standing to torment the Sin-Congese.[10]

20th Century

World War II

During World War II, the French Foreign Legion were operating in Algeria with Soldier of Fortune Captain Robert Strong. During his tenure with the Legion he helped investigate the robberies of supply caravans, putting a stop to Ali Hassan and his army of thieves.[11]

End of the Empire (1946–1962)

First Indochina War

The second colonial empire came to an end after the loss in later wars of First Indochina War with Vietnam in 1954.[12]

In 1962, Algeria gained it's independence from France.[7]

After that they had a relatively peaceful decolonizations elsewhere after 1960.[4]

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