Quote1.png The years passed... and Loki stole visits where he could to the one person in the realm who appreciated him. Quote2.png
-- Loki src


Freyja in her youth

Freyja seemingly had a similar history as her Earth-616 counterpart until her husband, Odin's, final battle with Laufey. In this reality, Laufey killed Odin in battle and then proceeded to destroy Asgard, abducting Freyja and her son, Thor, in the process. While imprisoned in Laufey's dungeon, she befriended Loki. He secretly visited her, learning magic and of Asgard. After learning his father was preparing to invade Muspelheim, he decided to take Freyja to Asgard to rebuild the Bifrost and escape to Midgard. Unfortunately, they were found out by Laufey, who took Thor with them to hunt them down. During the insuring struggle, Thor unleashed a blast of utter cold from Ice Crusher, only for Freyja pushed Loki to safety and was slain by it.[1]


Seemingly those of the Freyja Freyrdottir of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Freyja Freyrdottir of Earth-616.

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