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Born to a mother who bore children with a member of her species outside her caste, all but one of her eggs were destroyed by the ruling class as punishment. The one spared was believed to possess potential psychic capabilities, and was preserved. Sent to be taught in his abilities, he was dubbed "Friendless" and the teacher and other children were instructed to abuse him whenever possible. As he aged, his psychic powers gained him notoriety, but because of his breeding, he was deemed an abomination and sent to a distant space station. Once there, he took control of the Grad Nan Holt on the station, and secretly ruled them. At some point, the Shi'ar arrived, and Friendless took control of their commanding officers as well, then pitted the two sides against each other for his own amusement.[1]

When the Starjammers arrived on the station, he took control of all members save Marvel Girl, whose own psychic power prevented him from doing so. Temporarily falling into a coma, she was saved by Sovel Redhand and his band of pirates, and kept until the arrival of the X-Man Rogue. During this time, the Friendless set the Starjammers against Rogue's recently-arrived teammates.[2] Arriving, Marvel Girl, Rogue, and the pirate band helped free the Shi'ar and Starjammers from his control, and Marvel Girl managed to force him though a breach in the space station's hull. Thought dead, he secretly made his way back aboard the station while the X-Men busied themselves with preventing it from falling into a nearby sun.[1]

Powers and Abilities


  • Telepathy
  • Multiple Arms

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