Quote1 Don't worry. I've been in tons of situations like this. Just trust me. You do trust me, right? Guys, it's okay to talk if I ask you a-- aw, crap. Guys? Guys? Quote2
-- Spider-Man to his students

Appearing in "I Hate a Mystery: Part 1 of 3"

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Synopsis for "I Hate a Mystery: Part 1 of 3"

Francis Klum, now in his new Mysterio costume, prepares to attack Spider-Man, whilst he is watched by a mysterious figure. Meanwhile, Peter Parker struggles through a protesting crowd outside the school, then jumps to escape it. He spots his student, Jeremy, in the hall with a black eye and finds out he got it playing dodge ball in Flash Thompson's gym class. He confronts Flash about this, who is unimpressed due to his disbelief of Peter's recent unmasking as Spider-Man. He challenges Peter to a dodge ball match and throws a ball at him. Peter swiftly kicks it back at him, knocking Flash unconscious. He awakes to the new school nurse, Miss Arrow, who treats his two black eyes. Meanwhile, at Stark Tower, Mary Jane is on the phone to Peter, who is telling her about the fight and his trouble at school. He says he may have to resign. Roger, the Principal, then walks in to talk to Peter. He admits to being a large fan of Spider-Man and says he will not force Peter to resign out of respect. Peter interrupts him to tell him he will resign anyway. After school, Peter is discussing his resignation with his students in science club, and Flash is flirting with Arrow in the Nurse's office, when Mysterio launches his trap. He surrounds the school in a black gas, knocking everyone outside out. Mysterio tells the the students and faculty that the school is now 'haunted' and the only way to escape is through the front door. Spider-Man then instructs the students to follow him to the exit, but loses them due to a trick by Mysterio. The students, finding themselves alone, panic but then find Flash and Arrow. Mysterio rants in the auditorium, when a red cloud appears. It taunts him, calling him 'embarrassing' and 'egotistical'. It then reveals itself to be the original Mysterio, Quentin Beck.

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