May? May, what's wrong?!
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Oh my god...
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May! Are you having an attack of some kind? May! Say something! Dear lord, you look like you've seen a ghost! What--?
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Appearing in "Masks: Part 2 of 2"

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  • Limo

Synopsis for "Masks: Part 2 of 2"

El Muerto lies in hospital under the gaze of J Jonah Jameson and Robbie Robertson. Jameson is interested in finding more about Spider-Man's new found powers when a dark shadow appears. Meanwhile Spider-Man and Iron Man are flying across the city. Spider-Man is explaining to Iron Man his recent mystical dealing.

Back at the Hospital El Muerto wakes up and suddenly El Dorado is standing behind Jameson and Robertson. Another interlude sees Jarvis and Aunt May going out on a date while a mysterious shadowy figure follows them. When the story returns to the hospital El Dorado wants to take the life of El Muerto and he threatens Jameson until Spider-Man comes flying in the window. Spider-Man must fight El Dorado while Jameson and Robertson quickly leave. Spider-Man finds that El Dorado is wearing a mystical Gold Armor and that his stingers cannot harm El Dorado.

Meanwhile in Stark tower Mary Jane and Tony Stark have a brief conversation about how her arm has healed and that she looks at her husband with suspicion.

Spider-Man is now busy mixing chemicals to defeat El Dorado when El Muerto comes up behind him and throws him over his shoulder. El Dorado unfortunately kicks El Muerto in the face and he falls into some broken glass and as El Dorado moves towards him Spider-Man distracts El Dorado long enough to throw a chemical concoction he has made up. The Concotion melts El Dorado's Mystical gold plated armour enough for Spider-Man to punch him through a wall. When Spider-Man and El Muerto go to look for El Dorado he has disappeared.

Aunt May and Jarvis have in this time had their meal at the restaurant, when she mentions Uncle Ben, when suddenly outside the mysterious figure shows up who looks like Ben Parker leaving questions to be answered.

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