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Appearing in "Jumping the Tracks: Part 1 of 3"

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Synopsis for "Jumping the Tracks: Part 1 of 3"

Years ago, in an alternate timeline:
High school student Peter Parker comes home to find police lights flashing outside his house. He races inside only to discover that his beloved aunt, May Parker, has fallen down the steps and died. His uncle, Ben, consoles Peter and promises to do everything he can to help him through this difficult time.

Peter reveals to his uncle, the nature of his newly-spawned spider-like super-powers. He tells him that he has been using his abilities on the wrestling circuit and wants to hire Ben as his agent. Ben is uncomfortable with Peter using his powers to make money, but agrees to help him nonetheless.

Two years later, Peter and Ben are still living in the same house. Pete has been very successful with his wrestling career, and his success has made him arrogant. He fires Uncle Ben, preferring instead to go with an upscale Manhattan talent agency.

This alternate timeline begins to bleed over into the static Earth-616 universe, and Ben discovers that in this continuity, it was he that died all those years ago, not May Parker.

At Stark Tower, May Parker begins to hear rumors of someone fitting Ben's description wandering around the neighborhood. Spider-Man learns of this incident as well and tracks Ben down. Seeing Ben alive shocks him, but he has been duped too many times in his life to instantly believe that this actually his beloved uncle back from the dead.

Suddenly, a villain claiming to be the Hobgoblin of the year 2211 appears in the sky above them.


  • In this issue, Spider-Man becomes a movie star as well, starring in his own franchise films.
  • In Spider-Man IV, he squares off against Lord Doom (an obvious lampoon of Doctor Doom and Darth Vader), in a battle sequence reminiscent of the lightsaber battles from Star Wars.

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