Quote1 You said you took up Prowler again because it was the only way you could work out how to help. Hobie, this is how you can help. Put Prowler aside. Maybe show Mindy you don't have to live in a super villain lair to make a difference. Show the world what Hobie Brown can do. Quote2
-- Spider-Man

Appearing in "Feast or Famine: part four"

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Synopsis for "Feast or Famine: part four"

After securing Tony Stark's help, Peter returns to Marnie's house, who upon hearing him arrive wakes up. Finding out that Prowler is not there, the two deduce what he has done, and join him at Fairgray Pay, where Hobie is at the mercy of Helmint. Spider-Man and Rumor save Prowler and while the second takes him to the safe, the first confronts Helmint. The latter feeds on his sense of guilt, but Peter is used to it, and has an optimistic personality, so he defeats the perfidious C.E.O., and the company is purchased by Iron-Man, who hires Hobie at Spidey's request, so he can help people without having to be Prowler anymore.

Solicit Synopsis

• The climactic end of arc 2 puts Spider-Man face to face with a villain who’s been secretly plaguing the Marvel Universe since WWII!

• This villain weaponizes pain and uses Spider-Man’s painful history to threaten the Web-Slinger like never before!

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