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Quote1.png Peter. Some things are beyond magic and medicine. Some things can't be avoided... some things just have to be faced. Quote2.png
Doctor Strange

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Synopsis for "Not Running"

Peter is devastated to learn that Aunt May has cancer, and to clear his mind he goes out to do some twirling like Spider-Man. During the patrol he runs into his homeless friend Miguel who has just stolen a car. When he finds out that he stole it from his mother's boyfriend, because he mistreats her, he decides to help him escape and since Miguel has a broken wrist, he takes him to Doctor Strange to get him medication as the sixteen-year-old homeless man has no insurance. Spidey tells Doctor Strange that a person he knows is very sick, and after telling him that he can't help him, he urges him to face the situation. The next morning Peter is found in the hospital by Aunt May to keep her company during chemotherapy.

Solicit Synopsis

• A bomb drops on Peter’s world when Aunt May finally fesses up to Peter about what’s happening.

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  • After Doctor Strange tells Spider-Man that he is unable to cure his loved one, he also quips that Spider-Man wouldn't just make a deal with an interdimensional Demon, in which Spider-Man agrees that that's a really bad idea, a clear reference to the One More Day storyline.

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