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The Friends of Humanity is a pro-human hate-group founded by Graydon Creed in his opposition of mutants.[4] Under Creed's leadership, the Friends of Humanity promoted bigotry and violence against mutants, lobbying politicians to pass anti-mutant laws. While Creed was assassinated by Mystique while campaigning for presidency, the Friends of Humanity continued to operate and engage in acts of violence and domestic terrorism against mutants.

In the wake of multiple interdimensional and extraterrestrial assaults on Earth, the Friends of Humanity fell under the leadership of Senator Peter Krane and expanded the scope of its prejudice to include all non-humans - especially symbiotes. When Senator Krane was publically assassinated by Carnage, leadership fell to his son Arthur Krane - who had conspired with and been the host of Carnage - and support for the organization skyrocketed, leading to it allying with organizations like the Life Foundation and Wilson Fisk's Thunderbolts to ostensibly protect humanity from extraterrestrial threats.


The Friends of Humanity was a group started by Graydon Creed, a man infamous for his bigotry against mutants. He and his human disciples have caused damage on many occasions whenever there is a possibility to harm mutant rights, and they are agitating to force lawmakers to reinstate the Mutant Registration Act. When Graydon, a powerless baseline human, learned of his heritage, that he was the son of two mutants who had abandoned him as an inconvenience, he grew resentful of all mutants, and that resentment colored his outlook for the rest of his life. He funnelled his hatred into forming the Friends of Humanity.[citation needed]

Steven Lang was found by the FoH at the Eden Park Nursing Home and sent a member to recover him. He was able to release him from custody since the desk nurse was also a member.[4] The FoH's influence seeped across the US and the X-Men became aware of them after they kidnapped Rusty Collins and Skids from the Vault using the Electromagnetic Scrambling Pulse. This led to news reporter Trish Tilby later reporting on them.[5]

The FoH came to protest the parole release of the mutant hero Vance Astrovik after he accidently killed his abusive father Arnold. Creed appeared on many TV shows to protest. Vance was not able to hold back his rage and attacked the protestors with his telepathic powers.[6]

In New York City, the FoH gathered around a police precinct which was holding a murder suspect who just happened to be a mutant. As they protest outside, Lucia Callasantos was interrogated by Jose Hidalo inside. X-Force decided to come and help the young mutant They tried to move her for the trial but the guards turned out to be bought off by the FoH. They tried to follow them and was anble rescue both Hidalgo and Thornn from an ambush.[7]

Warpath and Risque witnessed the FoH attacking a man for being razed a mutant. The man told the group that he is not a mutant and they threatened to beat him up still. They saved the man from the group and they ran off, but the man was not grateful as he blamed the mutants for the problem in the first place.[8]

On a night out, Wild Child and Shard head to underground nightclub to listen to a rock band. They tried to join a mosh pit, but they was confronted by members of FoH, but they were no match for the mutant duo, knocking the thugs out before leaving.[9]

Creed's growing influence allowed him to campaign for the Presidency of America.[10] During this time, some members of the FoH attacked Trevor Chase, the grandson of Destiny. They beat him so badly he ended up in a coma in a hospital. Mystique kept an eye on the family of her former love and learned if the attack. Mystique decided to assassinate Creed hoping to put and end to his rain of terror.[11] At a presidential rally, an assassin shot and killed him.[10] It was revealed to be future version of Mystique who fired the shot killing Creed.[12]

Donovan Zane led an Empire State University faction of the anti-mutant group the FoH.[13] The group bullied and harassed students in their search for mutants.[14] Gwen Stacy's cousin Paul Stacy joined the FoH and attempted to intimidate academic rival and mutant Robin Vega into leaving the college, but he was eventually driven off by Peter Parker.[13] After his apartment was stormed by the FoH, Paul helped the other tenants escape, and rushed back into the building to save a child named Angela.[15]

Christopher Bradley was attacked by the FoH when his parents were trying to seek treatment for their mutant son when he was infected by the Legacy Virus. Maverick, another Legacy sufferer, helped Chris and his family relocate to Florida with new identities.[16] The FoH eventually found him and planned to terminate Chris but Maverick was tracking the young mutant. He came to the rescue and forced the FoH to flee.[17]

Sebastion "Bastion" Gilberti emerged through a portal the merged being of Master Mold and Nimrod thanks to the Siege Perilous. He was taken in by Rose Gilberti and learned about the growing mutant problem so he joined the FoH to fight the threat. He began to remember his true origin and began to use his cybernetic abilities to destroy mutants.[18]

A group of Purifiers later dug up Creed's corpse and took his body to their base where it was re-animated by Bastion using the Techno-Organic Virus. He later let the Sapien League attack a FoH rally much to sadness killing the human there creating a distraction.[19] Later Creed died again in the battle against the X-Men.[20]

The FoH sent a squadron of Ninja assassins to kill the members X-Factor Investigations. When the arrived in full Ninja garb they was met by Pip the Troll on reception. He took them out with ease using a portable Wormhole generator.[21]

After the public wedding of Northstar and Kyle Jinadu, the FoH began targeting human family members of mutants and attempted to assassinate Kyle. The X-Men and Northstar were able to thwart the attack, but it left Kyle shaken.[22]

Captain America went under cover at a political protest in which the Friends of Humanity clashed with the Red Skulls, the Watchdogs and the Sons of Selene. He was force to intervene when the groups started fighting.[23]

In the wake of Knull's invasion, the Friends of Humanity reconvened under the leadership of Senator Peter Krane, whose xenophobic anti-extraterrestrial message resonated with those traumatized by the symbiote attacks. However, the group was infiltrated by the Carnage symbiote, with Cletus Kasady plotting to use it as a vehicle to make a comeback.[24] Peter Krane's son Arthur and director of communications Gemma Shin facilitated the infiltration of symbiotes loyal to Carnage into the Friends of Humanity, the former bonding to the Carnage symbiote and the latter bonding to the Agony symbiote. The resulting coup resulted in Carnage killing Peter Krane on live television, while Agony and the other symbiotes began attacking civilians until they were stopped by the intervention of Agent Anti-Venom, Silence, Toxin, Sleeper, Iron Man, and a squadron of Alchemax Guardsmen. However, Carnage assimilated Iron Man's Extrembiote armor and escaped with Agony, later sending her to keep an eye on Arthur Krane.

Arthur Krane succeeded his father's seat as the senator of New York, and the Friends of Humanity saw a renewed wave of support in the wake of Carnage's assault.[1]

Some time later, Senator Krane announced his partnership with Mayor Wilson Fisk's anti-vigilante initiative,[25] and secretly met with Carlton Drake to arrange an alliance with the Life Foundation.[26]



Electromagnetic Scrambling Pulse[5]


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