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Quote1.png These guys are bad news. Wizard, master of high-tech gadgets. Klaw, the villain made of living sound. Thundra, ruthless warrior woman from an alternate future timeline... Don't ask. And the Trapster, oh, wait, already cut him. Quote2.png


A team of supervillains, Wizard, Thundra, Klaw and Trapster. In a battle by himself, Trapster was defeated by Spider-Man. Hours later, the rest of the team attacked Peter Parker's high school searching for Spider-Man, under Norman Osborn's orders, because during that previous battle, Trapster managed to put a tracer in the hero's costume.

After starting a food fight against the villains, Parker managed to put his costume and fight the villains until the police arrived and they left. The next day, Spider-Man is ambushed by the "Frightful Three" and who easily subdued him. With the help of four other heroes (Power Man, White Tiger, Nova and Iron Fist) the villains were finally defeated.[citation needed]




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