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The Frightful Four were the rulers of the province of Wittland. They were interested in invading the neighboring province of Europix, but the rulers of the domain of Utopolis, the Squadron Sinister were also interested in Europix. The Frightful Four invaded Europix first and overwhelmed its defenders, but then the Squadron Sinister entered the fray and killed Frightful Four members Wizard and Titania before successfully annexing Europix.[1]

The surviving members, Sandman and Trapster, hadn't seen the last of the Squadron Sinister. Nighthawk forced Sandman to steal an Argonite weapon that was earlier confiscated from Shadow Province as part of his vendetta against King Hyperion. Nighthawk then tortured Trapster until he was forced to falsely accuse Whizzer of killing a member of the Thor Corps who was really by killed by Nighthawk. Hyperion then killed Trapster.[2]

When Nighthawk fought and killed Hyperion, Sandman got back at Nighthawk by notifying the Nutopians, enemies of the Squadron Sinister, of the fight between Nighthawk and Hyperion. The Nutopians took this chance to attack Nighthawk, but the fight was interupted by the Thor Corps, who came to arrest Nighthawk for his crimes.[3]

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