Frost Technologies was the Fortune 500[1] corporation created and owned by Winston Frost, the second richest man in Massachusetts.[2]

Winston wanted to bequeath his company to the most suitable of his children, but Adrienne was actually the only one interested in it. Winston, however, choose Emma, before she left the family.[3] Adrienne later joined the company,[4] and possibly took over it.

Emma Frost became chairwoman of this multi-billion dollar corporation by using her business instincts and telepathic powers. The company has principally been involved in transportation -- both the building of ships and aircraft, and their use for freight and passenger conveyance -- but has expanded into other fields, particularly electronics.

Electronic and mechanical devices constructed by Frost International have been used by the Hellfire Club to further their socio-political ambitions. Its facilities have also been used by Frost in her role as White Queen of the Hellfire Club as bases of operations for some of the Inner Circle's clandestine activities.

A few years later, Emma used the company to sponsor the X-Men and Utopia.[5]

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