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The House of the Deadly Hand was an ancient castle located in the mountains of Hunan, China and was one of the five Houses of the Five Weapons Society named in honor of the Deadly Warriors.[2] When Zheng Zu relocated the other four Houses outside of China, he kept the Deadly Hand in the country, where it served as the headquarters for the Warriors of the Deadly Hand.[3] After Zheng adopted the moniker "Fu Manchu", it served as his personal retreat and primary base of operations as well as the proving grounds for his elite assassins, renamed the Si-Fan.[4][5] The fortress was built on a mountain, had high walls, and was surrounded by a moat, filled with crocodiles.[6][7][5] Within the multi-level fortress were the private chambers of Fu Manchu, and individual quarters for his daughter Fah Lo Suee, agent Ducharme, and his son, Shang-Chi. Unbeknownst to Shang-Chi, he was raised to be the Champion of the Deadly Hand, and was unaware of the Fortress' true name for years. In the center was the Council of Seven meeting chamber and surrounding it were the Si-Fan quarters.[7]

The fortress also had a chemistry lab, a biogenetics lab, a weapons development chamber, an armory, hydroponic farms, elixir baths, dungeons, and animal cages. The fortress sub-level was honeycombed with tunnels, caverns, grottos, etc. Crossing the moat was a bridge and two hidden underground tunnels. Beyond the moat was the martial arts training yard and the gardens. In addition to the Si-Fan guards, the high walls, reinforced doors, and other defensive measures, the fortress also had trap doors for the unwary to fall through.[8][6][7]

Sometime after the death of Zheng Zu the House of the Deadly Hand disappeared under mysterious circumstances. After he was appointed as the new Supreme Commander of the Society, Shang-Chi had a new House of the Deadly Hand constructed in New York City's Chinatown to replace the old one, which also served as his main base of operations.[9]


Fu Manchu, Fah Lo Suee, Ducharme, Shang-Chi, Midnight, Warriors of the Deadly Hand, Shi-Hua


Although Master of Kung Fu consistently placed the fortress' location in Honan/Henan, Shang-Chi states it to be Hunan, with Shang-Chi #2 depicting the House atop a sandstone pillar like those in the Wulingyuan region.

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