The past history of Fu Manchu on Earth-79816 would mirror that of his Earth-616 counterpart until the point when he would send his son Shang-Chi to assassinate Dr. James Petrie. In this reality, Shang-Chi would complete his mission without being stopped by Sir Nayland Smith and thus would remain loyal to his father.

Having tested his Elixir Viate on dead animals, Fu Manchu would learn that it could resurrect the dead into undead zombies that were resistant to pain. Seeking to use this for his goals of world domination, he would send the increasingly uneasy Shang-Chi to collect the bodies of five dead Dacoites that were killed by Smith's forces 20 years ago in order to subject them to the process. When Shang-Chi would express his uneasiness with killing people, Fu Manchu would convince his son that it was for the greater good of his "noble" goals of creating world peace. When Shang-Chi would return from his mission successfully, Fu Manchu would attempt to keep his son from learning the true purpose of his mission. However, Shang-Chi would burst in on his father during the experiment and be horrified to learn the truth. Fu Manchu would order his son be sequestered and take his Dacoits of Death to Buckingham Palace to murder the British royal family.

Fu Manchu and his minions would find opposition from Nayland Smith's associates, the British authorities, and Shang-Chi himself. When his Dacoits are destroyed, Fu Manchu would be confronted by his son who would renounce him and vow to end his tyranny. Fu Manchu would likewise vow to succeed in his mission of global domination and escape capture.

His current activities are unknown.

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