Fuel is a member of the Habit Heroes team under the leadership of government agent Director Jin. Fuel was tasked along with his teammates Agents Dynamo and Quench to stop the Habit Hazards from the activation of a new mysterious weapon which they threaten New York City with.

After they defeated numerous Hazard members to free Tony Stark from captivity, Stark built a new scanner to extrapolate that the weapon was an energy draining device being used to open up a portal to another dimension. Fuel and her team along with a suited up Iron Man take the fight the Hazards while the portal remained open. After defeating the gestalt being, they all used their abilities combined together to send the Hazard monster back and also which closed the portal.[1]


Chlorokinesis: Fuel possess the ability through his power band to generate vegetational energy into form of concussive blasts that can make organisms run out of kinetic energy or to give them a power boost, which he calls the "VitaBolt".

Flight:: Due to the power band's energy, it allows Fuel to fly by amplifying energy of the chlorophyll in the air, which lifts his body off the ground.


The Power Band's energy can be depleted if the user does not fuel his own body with fruits and vegetables.



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