The Fulcrum is a being served by the Celestials, the Horde, the Watchers and by everything that exists in the state of sublime equilibrium. After nineteen cosmic cycles the planet experimented on by the Celestials would be destroyed and the energy would go to the Fulcrum. If the energy was consistent with Eternals then the life-force would go to the Celestials, but if the energies were consistent with Deviants then it would go to the Horde.[1]

Following the death of Sersi she arrived at the Vestibule, a place were all Eternals go after their death. The Fulcrum, in the form of a bartender named Jack, greeted her, offering some drinks and telling to her that there were only two ways to go from the Vestibule, one was to be reincarnated on their homeplanet and the other was to go to some sort of Heaven.[2] When the Dreaming Celestial arrived at the Vestibule, he asked the Fulcrum to spare Earth. The Fulcrum agreed on the condition for the Celestial to answer two questions, the first being why. The Dreaming Celestial removed his helmet and said that it was because he cared about Earth and its species. Having transcended his purpose The Fulcrum declared that it had sought a Celestial who would rise above its purpose since before time began, and asked the Dreamer to become his companion, which he accepted.[3]


  • Most fans believe that the Fulcrum is actually the One Above All, or at least an aspect of him. However, there hasn't been any evidence to suggest so.
  • Fulcrum's human name and appearance seems to have been based on Jack Kirby.

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