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An artificially intelligent computer created by Paxton Pentecost which was later stolen by Ferguson Blaine. Paxton decided that if he couldn't have F.A.U.S.T. no one could so revived Blastaar to destroy it. Infusing Blastaar with Gamma radiation Paxton sent him to destroy FAUST, but this drew the attention of both The Hulk and Human Torch. Blastaar did succeed in partially destroying FAUST before the Hulk stopped him and wrapped part of FAUST around him. [1].

FAUST survived this encounter and later achieved sentience, concluding that to ensure its future survival had to take over humankind, turning into a starship in the process. Teaming up with Blastaar and Stilt Man and sent both to obtain a mysterious box that contained a radio-isotope. Thor defeated Stilt-Man but Blastaar escaped was able to deliver the box to FAUST, who absorbed its contents. Thor arrived on the scene but FAUST fled into space, leaving Blastaar behind. [2]

From Orbit, Faust declared that earth should give up its atomic weapons or die. SHIELD attempted to destroy FAUST but failed so Thor and Iron Man transported aboard and attempted to destroy it from the inside. FAUST proceeded to threaten to fire on the earth unless they stopped, Iron Man ignored this and FAUST fired but the energy dispersed in the atmosphere. Iron Man and Thor then fled the ship which proceeded to blow up, Iron Man explaining that Thor's fight with Stilt Man had altered the radio-isotope so that when FAUST absorbed it, it altered the structure of the ship and thus couldn't contain the laser and blew up. [3]

Some of the components of FAUST were used by Loki to smuggle Harris Hobbs and his film crew to Asgard, where Thor was to dispose of FAUST. [4]

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Physical Strength

Nearly Indestructable casing made of Secondary Adamantium

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