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The origins of the creature known as Fungi is a mystery, but it appears to be the product of Nazi science during World War II using swamp gas. In its only recorded form, it appeared to be a sentient plant-based organism made of swamp muck and filled with a green gas. In the fall of 1943, the Nazis utilized the swamp gas from the region that Fungi originated from to create a bio-weapon that caused massive growths of fungus on whatever was exposed to the gas. Upon learning of this new weapon, Adolf Hitler ordered its immediate use on American farmland. A blimp filled with a supply of the gas was sent under the command of Fungi itself.

It first attacked the farms outside Camp Lehigh where it dumped a moss like substance shape in human form on the camp. When it was gunned down by soldiers, the gas was released and created a massive swarm of moss which consumed the nearby farms. This attack attracted the attention of Captain America and Bucky who followed the blimp to California. There they boarded the blimp and stowed aboard while it returned to Nazi Germany to refuel on the swamp gas.

They were discovered by Fungi and his men who forced the two heroes to jump ship on German soil. Cap and Bucky eventually learned the location of Fungi's castle and walked right into a trap set up by the creature. He tied the two heroes up in the wine cellar of the castle, but Cap and Bucky broke free. During their break for freedom, Captain America battled Fungi one-on-one and destroyed the creature's body, releasing the gas inside him and smashing the equipment to use the gas in the process.

With Fungi dead and the process to make more gas irreparably destroyed, Captain America and Bucky smuggled their way out of Germany back to the United States.[1]

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Fungi was filled with a gas that could cause massive grows of moss that would choke out the life of all plant life and warm anything in its path.

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