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Funtzel is the alien owner of Funtzel Intergalactic Towing & Recovery, associate with his sister Orksa.

He associate with Obb, and later with Macho Gomez when this one became his brother-in-law, possibly in killing Orksa's last husband, Jody. Macho make Funtzel diversify his activity in others domains, some of those more law-borderline.

When Macho was seemingly killed by Deadpool, this one became part of the family in marrying Orksa, and join the business, and when he killed members of the Exto Clan on his first mission, Obb and Funtzel decided made him killed.

Funtzel realized about Obb's love for his sister, and let him call back the Commander Kak, the leader of the Ongulian Defense Fleet, who was looking for someone to kill Id, the Selfish Moon.

At some time during the mission, Funtzel started think about Deadpool's chance to survive, and the price for the society to employ such a hero, making Obb go to kill Wade, without success.

After the mission accomplished and Id dead, he kept on his activity, with Obb as his new brother-in-law.



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