Funtzel Intergalactic Towing & Recovery is the family affait of Funtzel and Orksa, with their associate Obb.

The primary actions of the society was towing and recovery, repos and salvaging.

At some point, Macho Gomez was recruited by Funtzel to help Obb, but when he married Orksa, he convinced his brother in-law to extent the activities, with skip-traces, bond revocations and "other stuff".

They were contacted by the Commander Kak, leader of the remains of the Ongulians, to kill Id, the Selfish Moon, but Macho himself refused.

After Deadpool pretended to have killed Macho, and eventually married Orksa, he was made part of the society.

Teaming-up with Obb, they goes on U-235 to recover stuff belonging to Terra-Co, their hirers from uranium miners, who themselves hired the Exto Clan to protect them.

Obb and Funtzel, afraid from Deadpool acting, called back Kak and the Ongulians, intending to kill him, for Obb to marry Orksa. Id was eventually killed, and Deadpool leaves, urging Obb and Orksa to live together.


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