The Furies are the daughters of the primeval gods Ouranus and Gaea. Among the few gods active before and after Zeus conquered Olympus, they punished offenders who turned against blood kin. Their principal function was to avenge fathers or most often mothers against their undutiful children. Often when a son failed to avenge a parent killed unjustly, the Furies haunted him until he made retribution on his parents' death.[citation needed]

The Furies appeared in modern times following the Second World War, on one occasion erroneously harrying the wrong man for a murder committed by someone with a similar name[4]. They were also seen for some reason posing as Sirens in order to tempt a man suffering from a near-death experience away from safety while he traveled through Hades.[5]

In modern times, it was revealed that the Furies were extensively wrapped up in the lives of Pastor Kale and his descendants, who became avatars of the Spirit of Vengeance as the Ghost Rider.[6] After a number of encounters with Danny Ketch, they were ultimately defeated when the Asgardian goddess Valkyrie exorcised them from their human hosts.[3]

Most recently, the Furies were given the dubious assignment of providing security for a Greek cuisine restaurant that had become a haunt of the Olympian gods.[7]

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