The creature that came to be called "Furnax" was a member of the Leviathon Tide, conquering worlds for its Mother. One such place was Planet X, homeworld of the Flora colossi, where it ravaged 80,000 square kilometers of forest, 'fueling' itself with the bodies of its inhabitants.

It was later present in the Leviathon attack on Earth, where it encountered the Guardians of the Galaxy and their Flora colossus, Groot. The Flora colossus was consumed, fueling "Furnax" once more until another member of the team, Rocket, entered "Furnax" and convinced Groot to break out, ultimately killing the monster.[1]


Flora colossi Consumption: "Furnax" can consume Flora colossi, greatly enhancing its flame abilities as the constantly regenerating captive grants it kindling for days.[1]

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