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Synopsis for "Beginnings"

London, England, 1859: Nathaniel Essex has been transformed into the wicked Mr. Sinister. Cyclops wishes to kill him for what he will become, especially in terms of manipulating the Summers bloodline. But Jean convinces him that killing Sinister is not the answer – instead, they should focus on stopping Apocalypse. However, despite their intentions, they still must fight Sinister, which leads to the destruction of the sewer’s ceiling. Sinister recognizes that he is not yet strong enough to combat two mutants he would rather have as his allies. Therefore, Sinister flees, leaving Cyclops and Phoenix to escape the sewers as well before getting crushed by the falling debris.

Shortly after, Sinister is looking at a picture of his wife. Because he feels nothing, he finally considers himself free of the shackles which limited Nathaniel Essex. But freedom is relative if Sinister is now simply the pawn of Apocalypse, who wants him to unleash a plague upon mankind.

Cyclops and Phoenix once again cross paths with Cootie Tremble, who is attacking both Oscar and Daniel, two humans who helped the X-Men since they arrival in London. Jean senses that the physical changes Apocalypse imposed on Tremble happened too fast, and now his body is out of control. But it is Sinister who puts an end to Tremble’s life by snapping his neck. He speaks out against Apocalypse’s hasty transformations on the Marauders. Instead, Sinister wants to observe the natural breeding of the next supreme species. Scott and Jean again beg him not to support Apocalypse. Sinister declines, but before he leaves, he tells them that they can find Apocalypse at Buckingham Palace.

A little later, Cyclops and Phoenix arrive at the seat of the Queen of England just in time to stop Apocalypse from killing the royal couple as well as the Prime Minister. At first, En Sabah Nur can easily fend off the attack of the two mutants. But as he lunges forward to deliver his death strike against the Queen, he suddenly becomes weakened. Scott and Jean immediately press the attack until Apocalypse falls. Sinister appears and tells Apocalypse that something went wrong regarding the development of the plague. Jean senses that Sinister is lying. Then she and Scott can only watch as Sinister and Apocalypse teleport away. Before the two X-Men are pulled back into the timestream, Jean eradicates the Queen’s memories of the incident.

In the lair of Apocalypse, Sinister explains that it was him who weakened Apocalypse, because he did not want to disturb the natural evolution of the species using a barbaric plague. To Apocalypse, this move showed strength by Sinister, but he also points out that he will not tolerate insubordination again. For now, Apocalypse needs to return to hibernation. At the dawn of the Age of Apocalypse, he will awaken again and call upon Sinister as his faithful servant.

In the timestream, Jean and Scott meet Sanctity of the Askani Sisterhood. To her, the mission was successful, because Apocalypse has been put into dormancy again. Scott questions the results, but Sanctity explains that Sinister will be responsible for the creation of Nathan Dayspring Summers, aka Cable. Thus, the transformation of Essex into Sinister was necessary to save the future.

New York, USA, 1860: Oscar and Daniel immigrate to the United States of America. Upon entry, they call themselves Oscar and Daniel Summers.

London, England, 1882: Sinister attends the funeral of Charles Darwin. Ironically, the researcher is given a state funeral, even though he has been antagonized all his life for his theories. One last time, Sinister looks at the picture of Rebecca Essex before he throws it away and focuses exclusively on the future …

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